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quantity than increased

PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:12 am
by zongyi
deal since this month quantity than increased June 21% the left and right sides, each delegate tastes price respect to fluctuate not quite, overall prices is best material for balcony floor carried somewhat brace up. One, furniture data market: 1, African lumber market: Assembly hands in a quantity to glide, be issued to lower levels of overall prices synchronism From the point of market respect, enter African lumber market is overall since July prices

performance is relative how to build bench for deck stairs malaysia relatively low fan, pay an amount besides market assembly than glided somewhat June besides, home market imports a quantity to glide somewhat likewise, price respect fails to show likewise go up evidence, be dropped by shipment influence, overall prices somewhat be issued to lower levels. Import side, market research shows as many Africa material produces flooring design for roof terrace a country to begin to increase the

strength that utters limitation formerly, can feel apparently this year first half of the year than entrance of material of the Africa on home market of the corresponding period dropped somewhat last year. Port of African material Shanghai reachs harbor capacity since July same show is relatively low fan,2 inch thick by 48 inch composite boards and considering show market of level country lumber to still be in off-season atmosphere in, the analysis thinks