saves imports and exports

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saves imports and exports

Postby zongyi » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:58 am

Imports and exports is strong in July before Zhejiang is saved grow Before this year in July, zhejiang saves imports and exports one thousand four hundred and forty-three wall cladding with wooden in kerala house billion three hundred and twenty million yuan, grow 17.8% compared to the same period; Among them, export one thousand one hundred billion eight hundred and thirty million yuan, grow 12.5% compared to the same period; grow 38.6% compared to the

same period. since this year, zhejiang province entrance is added force is powerful, came in January July, zhejiang saves monthly entrance to all maintain two digit growth,no formaldehyde garden fence came to was added in June in January among them fast all be in 30% above, in July although somewhat fall after a rise, but add fast still be in 20% above. Exporting a respect, exit of before Zhejiang is saved 7 months defeats -727379968 yuan, accumulative

total exit is added fast continue to maintain two digit oak parquet flooring Romania growth, export share keeps balance basically compared to the same period. Notable is, exit of Zhejiang province only month adds fast wave motion relatively the whole nation is more apparent, exit is added since this year June fast close further narrow. "Barrier of the wood plastic composite market in thailand effect of high cardinal number last year, trade is added to exit fast inhibition and contribution of
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