the processing of flooring products

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the processing of flooring products

Postby zongyi » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:15 am

Environmental groups called for looking for the original source, as a normal home decoration buyers, how can you know the floor you buy is to destroy the original forest income it? Reporter dialed the Greenpeace International Environmental Office in Beijing,
the agency's Liu Bing, director of the Department of Forest Protection told reporters that at present more foreign timber to enter the market with normal channels, consumers buy merbau, the need for vendors to Provide the original source, not just the processing of flooring products.
In the survey, they found that in many places, the price of merbau for sale is either Shanghai or Guangdong, but this does not explain the source of raw materials, but Liu Bing also admits that the operation is very practical Difficulty. The most fundamental approach is to establish policies relsated to timber procurement,
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