the floor blank imported from Southeast

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the floor blank imported from Southeast

Postby zongyi » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:44 am

<p>logging and protected the environment increasingly and the Southeast Asian countries began to crack down on smuggling of timber. This is also the tightening of supply of southeast Asian timber A factor.<a href=''>how to choose wood flooring color bedroom</a> Zhu Guangqian, executive vice president of China Timber Circulation Association, believes the impact of the tsunami is mainly psychological. Last year, most domestic enterprises had inventories.weathered looking wood composite fencing When the industry generally expected the prices of imported materials in Southeast Asia would rise, the wind-driven exporters would lift the prices , Took the opportunity to specter, sell a good price. Zhu Guangqian this argument has been Yao Bike identity. 'In </p>
<p>order to digest the inventory, the dealer himself is up 10% if he can not purchase it.<a href=''>attaching fence gate to masonry wall</a>' He said the tsunami would have lagged behind for at least two or three months and the post-holiday price may rise another 5% ~ 10% on the basis of the current price %. Plywood, wood flooring Soaring floor sales manager Miss Lin told reporters that since yesterday,advantages of aluminium composite panel the company will Southeast Asia timber floor price increase of 10%, that is, per square meter rose 20 to 30 yuan. Foshan Shunde Ying Bin Wood Co., Ltd. Planning Department Manager Hu Ching-chih also said that in the near future the company will Southeast Asian timber wood floor price by 5 </p>
<p>percentage points. Hu predicts that after the Spring Festival, the price of wood flooring in Southeast Asia will increase by 20%. China Forest Products Industry Association Floor Committee Deputy Secretary Tang Zhaoqun <a href=''>interlocking outdoor wood flooring</a>told reporters that before the Indian Ocean tsunami wooden floor prices have been falling. By this time the impact of rising raw material prices, the overall price of wooden flooring rose 25 to 30 yuan / square meter, an increase of 10%.exterior flooring over plywood materials for balcony (Reporter Zeng Yumei) More than half a month ago, Ms. Zhou Yang from Qiaokou District took a fancy teak floor in the building materials market in Hansi City. At that time, he sold a reporter </p>
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