wood flooring Soaring floor sales manager

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wood flooring Soaring floor sales manager

Postby zongyi » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:34 am

<p>serious and the economy is also affected by certain influences. Due to the large amount of building materials needed for post-disaster reconstruction, the export volume of related building materials will surely be affected,<a href='http://abouthardwoodfloor.com/pvc-fence/1927.html'>composite material for pool deck united kingdom</a> and the prices of forest products have also been greatly affected. Yongcheng building materials industry analysis, the tsunami in Southeast Asia caused by the port damage and sea transport stagnation,pvc wpc decking flooring resulting in tight capacity, freight rates, plate and other raw materials may be out of stock, out of stock; the other hand, the reconstruction of the affected countries will invest A lot of labor, labor costs will rise. Therefore, it is foreseeable </p>
<p>that if the situation does not improve in the short term,<a href='http://a-wooddeck.com/floor/3757.html'>recycled bridge deck material</a> the floor price will continue to rise. Now it has entered the season of decoration, a variety of home improvement building materials appeared on the rise, the real rise in the price of solid wood flooring is the most obvious. Among them, the solid wood flooring from Southeast Asia, the price is all the way up, at least rose 50% to 60%.split railing fence cost calculator Analysis of the industry said that this rise, mainly due to last year's tsunami in Southeast Asia on the timber market after a significant effect. The dealer in Yangzhou timber floor business told reporters that China's production of wood flooring wood raw materials, mainly from </p>
<p>Southeast Asia. As the solid wood flooring in Southeast Asia better quality, low prices, in the past in our sales in Yangzhou has been better. However, since the Spring Festival this year,<a href='http://a-wooddeck.com/floor/1207.html'>building a turtle flower pot</a> the prices of these boards have been rising all the way up. Rising so much, what is the reason? It is understood that due to the severe tsunami in Southeast Asian countries hit hard, timber production has been limited,colors of plantation shutters coupled with transport difficulties, freight rates, imports of timber prices soared, the domestic price of a variety of solid wood flooring also soared. Such as pomelo wood materials, solid wood flooring, only 140-150 yuan a square years ago, and now has </p>
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