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Results & Critiques : The Carnival!

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 7:24 pm
by kaustavsinha
Hi Everyone,

Following are the results along with the comments & critiques by three of our honorable Judges on the final entries of the contestants of the challenge, 'The Carnival'.

First Place : Masahiro Sawada (Masahiro)


Frederic St-Arnaud : Very moody! I like the ominous sky and the rain. Great work with the reflections and the lighting.

David Mattingly : This is very moody, so you accomplish what you set out to do. The main problem I see with this is the restaurant sign. At the bottom of the sign, we see that it is facing to the left, but then when you look up to the red "restaurant" sign, it seems to have twisted around and faced to the right. This is a bit of an M.C. Esher effect, but probably not what you were going for. You should correct the sign, so that it vanishes to the left also. Same with that shed to the left of the sign--it look like the vanishing points are in the wrong place, or that is it leaning, about to fall down.

David Edwards : The composition in this DMP works quite well in allowing the viewers eyes to flow through the scene in a narrative way; we see the road to the left, which flows into the scene and finally through to the carnival over to the right; this is how we read story. The over all mood is dark and ominous, this directs the audience into the tone of the story, establishing the mood of things to come. This image is more of a concept, or key frame than a DMP, given the moving elements. I'd be tempted to knock out the lights a little, only have a few of them lit, for example; lighting only the R-U-N from the restaurant sign, could have a subtle play on words, almost a warning hidden in the word, telling the viewer to avoid this place and run! I'd be tempted to introduce a few foreground objects to the far left or right, this might be an abandoned car, or another post perhaps. Over all this painting is quite successful.

Second Place : CordobezWeee


Frederic St-Arnaud : Great work! All the photo elements are well integrated. It feels like a miniature village. Maybe the trees could be more backlit for that kind of light. Overall congrats!

David Mattingly : You created a wonderful panoramic view of the scene, with plenty of clues that it is a carnival. Yours is my favorite of the competition because of all of the detail you put into it. The mad clown at the front of the house is a really nice touch. The one thing I would like you to watch out for are the shadows on your piece. They are very dramatic how they radiate out, but they should radiate out from the sun, since it is clearly the source of the light. However, they all vanish to above the sun, making it hard to figure out what is casting the shadows. Also, those shadows on the left from the fence look suspicious since the tent would be blocking light from getting to them. But that is nit picking--you did a great job.

David Edwards : The composition and framing successfully leads the eye into the centre. The over all tone and feeling is balanced quite well. The artist has made a good effort to try and ensure the lighting remains consistent. I feel that more work is needed on compositing the elements together, ensuring they match and feel like they're in the same world. For example the two trees feel detached from the background because the blacks are very crushed. Also take care not to duplicate elements, always try to change them if you feel a need to do this. I feel like I can see two sun positions. Given the position of the sun, I'd expect to see less light on the side facing the camera. The over all scene should be more in silhouette. The perspective feels a little flat and could benefit from spreading out the layers in zdepth.

Third Place : Maria Luisa Dedic (malu)


Frederic St-Arnaud : I like the ambiance. The sky seems not natural with these clouds and the dark blue colors, I don't know if it's intentional but I like this feeling. It reminds me polarized photography. The lighting as well is strange, there's no shadows at all! That's interesting! However the "Entrée" sign seems to be behind us as opposed to in front of us. Great job!

David Mattingly : The lighting is feather flat--it would help if there was somewhat more of a sense of directional light, rather than this overall soft ambient light. Maybe if you made it dusky, the lights in the booths would pop out more, and make it look more inviting. But this shows a lot of work, and does catch the carnival spirit.

David Edwards : There's a good effort made here. The composition leads the viewer to looking down the path towards the tents. The composition of the elements seem to be balanced quite well with each other and the over all tone seems pleasant. The yellow and blue tent seems very small in scale compared to the apparent distance from the camera. The sky needs replacing with one that is correctly aligned with the horizon; this one feels very tilted. I'd move the big wheel to one side; I feel it kills the composition slightly where it currently stands.

Honorary Mentions:-



David Edwards : I really like the simplicity of this one. The mood and tone feels very realistic. The integrating of the elements work quite well and feel like they're actually sitting in the environment. My only concern is the perspective seems off for the foreground structure when compared to the outside world. Also the angle of the tents element seems a little too low.

The next challenge will be posted very soon; so stay tuned! I will try and bring-in cool and exciting prizes for the next contest! :)

I've created a LinkedIn group of these contests; you can check it out & join the group to stay connected at :


Re: Results & Critiques : The Carnival!

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2014 7:11 am
by CordobezWeee
Thanks very much!! thanks for the constructive criticism :D

and Congratulations to all!


Re: Results & Critiques : The Carnival!

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Re: Results & Critiques : The Carnival!

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Re: Results & Critiques : The Carnival!

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Re: Results & Critiques : The Carnival!

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Re: Results & Critiques : The Carnival!

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Re: Results & Critiques : The Carnival!

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