Results & Critiques : Large vs Small

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Results & Critiques : Large vs Small

Postby kaustavsinha » Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:44 pm

Hi Everyone,

Following are the results along with the comments & critiques by our honorable judges on the final entries of the contestants of the challenge, 'Large vs Small'.

First Place : Chirag Tripathy (chiragtripathy)


Frederic St-Arnaud : Matte Painting technical well achieved. Great mood. Really epic and visually powerful like a good Matte Painting image should be.

David Mattingly : Great composition, with a powerful direction of light from the left. I also like how the atmospheric perspective allows the large structure in the background to fade into to the sky. You clearly have a great color sense, and outstanding painting skills.

Second Place : Rohit Nayak (MysticalDisaster)


Frederic St-Arnaud : Even if it's closer to a concept art as opposed to a realistic Matte Painting, we feel a lot of ambiance and storytelling in this image. Good sense of large vs small. The perspective, the sense of distance and the palette are well done.

David Mattingly : I wish we had a high rez version of this! I think I would chose this as my favorite of the competition, but this small post is hard to get in and look at the detail. However, from what I can see, you did a great job of adding in atmospheric perspective, and that gives the scene a lot of depth. Also, the depth is very well developed. Just be sure to post a high rez version of your next entry.

Third Place : 99ganesh99


David Mattingly : This entry makes me laugh! It looks like the old illustration of a huge fish about to eat a smaller fish. The only thing I question here is the color of the structure right under the "big fish structure", and the mountains on the right. The scene is keyed very green, but that structure, and the back mountains, are more purple. I think if you hit them both with a green tone, they would sit into the scene better.


Chirag Tripathy (first place winner) is requested to send the details of your residential address and e-mail id to | your prize of 'The Digital Matte Painting Handbook' will reach to your home address within a week after you send me your home address details!

The next challenge will be posted very soon; so stay tuned! I will try and bring-in more cool and exciting prizes for the next contest!

I've created a LinkedIn group of these contests; you can check it out & join the group to stay connected at :

Kaustav Sinha
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Re: Results & Critiques : Large vs Small

Postby MysticalDisaster » Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:33 am

Thanks a lot for the comments...... It was fun and a great learning experience..... I will work on my skills to make the painting more realistic.....Thanks a lot for the suggestions .... :)

Congrats to all the winners and great job every 1
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thank you !

Postby 99ganesh99 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:05 pm

I just took my chances i complete my matte painting with one day to submit within time limit .i enjoy this challenge submit within time limit ...:)
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Re: Results & Critiques : Large vs Small

Postby marwan22 » Tue May 21, 2013 2:32 pm

Nice suggestions
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