Great Depth with Layers of Haze - Jamie McComb

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Re: Great Depth with Layers of Haze - Jamie McComb

Postby davidmattingly » Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:19 am

Hi Jamie--

I wanted to give all of the entries in the digital matte painting challenge a quick critique while I judge the winners. I love the development process you went through for your final piece--it showed every step of your process. I see a couple of problems with the final that you should think about in future projects. First, your main subject, the mountains, do so silhouette, so the final has an "all over quality where you don't know where to look. With any good matte painting your eye should know exactly where to look at first glance, but since the volcanoes are about the same tone as the sky, the blend into it. When you look at the work of a great matte artist, like Peter Ellenshaw, it is often his superb use of silhouette that makes his paintings so striking. If you had darkened the volcanoes, and lightened the sky behind them, it would work better.

Second, the structure on the right hand side is hard to identify. The snow pouring out of it is much lighter than any of the other snow, (or water) in the scene, and it is hard to tell exaclty what is going on there. Snow, or water, dropping down from that high black structure would be much darker than what you are showing here--it is like you have a different lighting scheme on that element than the rest of the composition.

Lastly, the two mountains in the background are lit from different directions. The one on the right is lit from the right, and the one in the middle is lit from the left. You have to be consistent on direction of light within a composition.

You show promise, and I hope you will enter another contest in the future. I look forward to watching you grow as an artist!

David Mattingly
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Re: Great Depth with Layers of Haze - Jamie McComb

Postby kaustavsinha » Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:51 am

Thanks a-lot David for all the comments and critiques! :)
Kaustav Sinha
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Re: Great Depth with Layers of Haze - Jamie McComb

Postby Jamie McComb » Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:37 am

Much appreciated David! I'll take these comments into consideration in the future- extremely helpful :) Thanks!
Jamie McComb
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