Great Depth with Layers of Haze - Tim Guo

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Re: Great Depth with Layers of Haze - Tim Guo

Postby davidmattingly » Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:43 am


I wanted to give all of the entries in the digital matte painting challenge a quick critique while I judge the winners. You created a spectacular entry, full of wonderful detail, lively, unexpected colors, and an an easy to read composition, in spite of it being very complex. If I had a single comment for you, it is that I wouldn't have minded even more haze in your piece, but only in the places where it would have clarified the position of the elements in space. When one object is passing in front of another, like the pagodas on the left, you can fake a little more haze behind them to make it clear they are in front of the larger floating mountain. If there is a question of what is in front of what, add a little extra haze to make it clear.

The foreground figures are well done, and I like to colorful, weird costumes. Again, a bit more haze between them and the background might make them come forward more.

I think your piece as the best in the competition, and I expect to see great things from you in the future! Very nice work.
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