One aspect of officiating that I havent written about much (

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One aspect of officiating that I havent written about much (

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has called on FIFA to investigate Russias sports minister Vitaly Mutko over drug failures in football. John Stockton Team USA Jersey . A bombshell report on state-dictated doping in Russia, who will host the 2018 World Cup, said the manipulation of tainted Russian samples was controlled by Mutkos ministry.The investigation by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren did not provide evidence of a detailed implication by Mutko in decisions to protect drug-cheat athletes. However, it said Mutko, president of the Russian Football Federation, a member of FIFAs executive and chief organiser of the 2018 World Cup, took the decision to hide the doping case of a foreign player in the Russian Football League. Professor Richard McLarens WADA report on Russia and whether it operated a state-dictated doping system McLaren quoted Russian whistleblower Grigory Rodchenkov as saying it was inconceivable that Mutko did not know about the whole doping system.WADA called on FIFA to act on Mutko, a 57-year-old ally of president Vladimir Putin and sports minister since 2008.Another notable finding within the (McLaren) report is the role that one of FIFAs executive committee members, Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, played within the system, said a WADA statement. WADA: Ban Russia for Rio WADA recommends banning Russian athletes from Rio Olympics Accordingly, WADA urges the FIFA ethics committee to look into the allegations concerning football and the role played by this member.The McLaren report said deputy sports minister Yuri Nagornykh had most daily responsibility for deciding which athletes would get a SAVE order and have failed tests manipulated or be put under QUARANTINE.The report added, however, that McLaren is aware of at least one foreign footballer playing in the Russian league who had that benefit of a SAVE order. It added: That SAVE decision was made by Minister Mutko and not Deputy Minister Nagornykh. Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko with Vladimir Putin It said 11 footballers in all had drug cases covered up. It quoted email evidence as saying that the SAVE decision for the football players was the final decision of VL.VL is the first name and patronymic name initials of the Minister of Sport Vitaly Leontiyevich Mutko, who is also the president of the Russian Football Federation.Much of the McLaren report is based on evidence provided by Rodchenkov, former director of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, who also testified that Mutko knew about bribes allegedly paid to former International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) president Lamine Diack to cover up doping failures by race walkers. Russia will host the 2018 World Cup FIFA acknowledged the WADA call but said its ethics committee is independent and only it can decide what actions to take in respect to this issue.For its part, FIFA will request from WADA all details concerning the individual cases of doping in Russian football that are referenced in the McLaren report. Once FIFA receives this information from WADA, it will take the appropriate next steps. Also See: Putin questions WADA report WADA: Ban Russia for Rio Russia state-sponsored doping Klishina: Im not a traitor Karl Malone USA Jersey . Catch the action live on TSN2 at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt. The Wild lead the Northwest Division and look to get back into the win column after having a season-high seven-game winning streak cut short with Tuesdays 2-1 loss at Winnipeg in the finale of a five-game road trip (4-1-0). Kyrie Irving USA Jersey . According to various reports, the striker is about to sign a five-and-a-half year extension with Manchester United worth a reported 300,000 pounds a week that would see him at Old Trafford until 2019. . Last year, Islanders forward Colin Mcdonald released a "Do It For Colin" campaign to promote his teammate and friend John Tavares for the EA sports honour:The most popular sports voting video ever has to go to Chris Bosh who showcased his comedic abilities in his effort to get fans to vote him into the 2008 All Star Game:You can vote for TJ and other star players for the NHL 15 cover vote here.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at Kerry, How does Alex Galchenyuk get called for tripping Carl Hagelin in the neutral zone in the second period? Where was the official watching this from? Looked like Hagelin took a dive over Galchenyuks foot! Martin,Peterborough, ON Martin: Carl Hagelin did not deliberately take a dive or embellish his fall in an attempt to draw a penalty as he picked up a loose puck on a turnover at the red line. Hagelin made a sweeping cut turn as he attempted to reverse his direction toward the Montreal zone and in doing so both of his skates made independent contact with the left skate blade of Alex Galchenyuk. Hagelins lose of balance, forward momentum and attempt to advance the puck as he was falling contributed to an impression some might hold that the Rangers player took a dive. In the eyes of one referee it was deemed a trip and resulted in a power play goal. Referee Dan OHalloran trailed the play out of the Montreal end zone on the players bench side after Andrei Markov flipped the puck into the neutral zone. When the skate contact between Hagelin and Galchenyuk occurred, OHalloran was approximately mid to three quarters toward the Habs blue line and looking directly into and through neutral zone player traffic. From this location the referee would not have been able to draw an angle on the play and erroneously determined that Galchenyuk had committed a tripping infraction. Hindsight is, as they say, 20/20 and you can be certain that the referee wishes he had not perceived the play as he did. This play demonstrates the magnitude and potential consequence that a penalty call can have on a game and possibly even a series. Hockey is an extremely fast paced game. We know that officials, players and coaches make mistakes. In an effort to minimize errors in judgment the official needs to find the very best location in advance to judge a play; to find that perfect "replay angle" in real time whenever humanly possible. Chris Paul USA Jersey. I have often referenced an officials positioning in answer to your questions. One aspect of officiating that I havent written about much (and probably more important than having your feet in the right place) is for the official to have his head in the right place to avoid overreacting or being fooled on a play. It is crucial that every official sustain a rock-solid level of concentration throughout the game; especially as he deals with self-imposed pressure and excessive amounts of pressure exerted upon him externally. We often hear broadcasters refer to a high level of "energy or intensity" that is displayed by a player or team. A referee observes the game as it is being played in the moment; but more importantly, he must "think" the game with an "intensity of focus and concentration" that doesnt allow for any distractions to adversely affect his judgment. The referees perception of a play becomes his reality. He must silence the crowd in his head by letting the noise pass through his ears as a meaningless background effect. The ref must also move on from confrontations with players and coaches to keep his mental awareness where it belongs. To accomplish this task, an internal running dialogue or play-by-play commentary can be implemented by the referee to remain focused. (I often implemented this procedure to intensify my focus and concentration.) An official that sustains a state of intense concentration is much less likely to overreact or misread a play. A referee that is dialed into the zone can better differentiate between legitimate fouls and allowable contact in all locations on the ice. Finally, there cant be any guess work at this time of the season. If a ref is not 100 per cent sure a foul was committed, he should never raise his arm. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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