The Prize Sponsors

List of the panel of Jury members & Moderators of the "CG Universe Digital Matte-Painting Challenges".

The Prize Sponsors

Postby kaustavsinha » Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:13 am

Following are the Sponsors who offered us with exciting Prizes to the winners of the challenges:-

1) '2DArtist Magazine' subscriptions by the
2) 'The Digital Matte Painting Handbook' by David B. Mattingly
3) cmiVFX subscriptions
4) "d'artiste Matte Painting 2" book by the Ballistic Publishing
5) 'Cinefex' magazine

We are on the continuous effort on bringing-in more exciting prizes for our great Contestants! :)

Kaustav Sinha
(Digital Matte Painting Producer)
"Let's Paint The World With Peace!"
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Re: The Prize Sponsors

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