be like last time Hankow so

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be like last time Hankow so

Postby jlsalh21 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:56 pm

arrived two shares of industrial companies in Hubei and Sichuan, so these two new companies he also holds 60% above share.
In fact these matter Jiang Fang shake is also just know in a little while, plus Yangtze River to help to change company is also Yang Qiu to pay, so even what he envied is jealous, also play trick to say to Mel Ott Youth Jersey wait which day haven't last rice, came right away to loot this day word No.1th big wealthy person.Although he say and Germany most the business earned several GBP 1,000,000, didn't hand in an easy affair,these listen to in the blue sky Wei be like a quilt in the ear the box on the ear is so suffered, spirit shout a way:"Is two to slowly chat, I buy boat ticket."
The figure that looking at him, Jiang Fang shakes to ask a way:"Where does he go?"
"Return to Japan, I estimate is seek Mr. Sun."Zhang Xiao Zhun offers an explanation a way for him:"In fact blue sky Wei this person is urgently quite good, temper to have a little, Wu Lu Zhen's dead to him fight very much."
"Too Japan turned!Always feel Japanese to is all right, I don't like."
Zhang Xiao Zhun smiles, Miguel Gomez Youth Jersey he knows Jiang Fang the earthquake doesn't like Japan, so have never continued this topic, however carry out officials to Yang Qiu property direct the system is very interested in, ask a way:"Carry out afraid have difficulty?A lot of habits changing doesn't drop."
"There is a difficulty not to do?Changes not and drops for the decade for a year, the decade changes not and drops for 100 years, revolution."Jiang Fang shook white his eye, pointed oneself's head:"Not is overthrow Qing Dynasty Be getting more finished, also not is build up republican to run to go to Japan natural and unrestrained, but want Che thoroughly turning round of bottom thought!"
To he these words Nick Hundley Youth Jersey Zhang Xiao Zhun agree with very much, but thought of that there are some misgivings in the current situation, ask a way:"The southwest just takes down, three provinces also however only more than a year time is exactly to deepen the time of revolution, why provoke the nerve of the Kai of Yuan a life time at this time?I feel that the possibility that he turn over a face is very big, doesn't well make and is a war."
After waiting several workers who wiping a shoulder but lead to walk far, Jiang Fang shakes to order:"I don't know that this matter is what Yang Qiu pushes all alone, why such he hasn't said, but I feel that he is fearing!"
"Is afraid?!"Open southwest six province and west the actual controller of the Kang, several 100,000 battalions are in the hand, afraid?Zhang Xiao Zhun feels a bit funny.But Jiang Fang's earthquake is extremely serious:"He is afraid north the ocean split up!You don't see the northern ocean look like tree greatly more deep, but these combining is all benefits push!Now national farm tax and excise Orlando Calixte Youth Jersey tax 70% all in the south, this money north the ocean see be coulded not take now, already very disaffection!The northern side adding is a few in the provinces, pass outside with Mongolia can not put a hand, the northwest nobody would like to go, underneath so many people's power allotment have already become a great problem.We got intelligence report recently and assaulted the affair of Xiang sun the Yuan a life time Kai don't in fact and not make the decision of, it is thus clear that the north ocean inner part already unclear unsteady!You want Dian soldier and Tang again after the Yao this kind of Be if take place on the north ocean body, will appear what situation?"
Two matters in Guilin and Kunming really rem
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