long as canning allow the congresses to revolve

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long as canning allow the congresses to revolve

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and hadn't heard the message of reply song Huan chapter see severals wear a Dian soldier the soldier pack and national defense soldier the soldier pack of the military officer hugged Cu to wear a young men to walk out, Francisco Liriano Youth Jersey young man about the 45-year-old shape, the forehead tightly locks, look in the eyes sharp-edged, two visions are shot to imitate a Buddha to pierce a person sort, obeisance way:"National defense soldier five teacher teacher Su the small tiger once saw song great physician, the gossip didn't say, the great physician soon and soon comes with me."
"Do not dare, Su's teacher calls I the Huan chapter is all right."
The song Huan chapter bent from the waist to salute to walk into with the Su small tiger inside the room, just camed in and then smelted a strong medicine flavor and wrapped up man's form of thick gauze on a shoulder and the belly of bed Ta if depart from this life an on every occasion, two military surgeons were injecting for him, there were side also a few women, should be a wife and children.
"Cai all the Du is shot today, Glenn Sparkman Youth Jersey we originally prepared to do surgical operation to take out bullet, but the belly bullet presses at blood vessel up, perhaps will cause big bleed, hear that you have already stopped bleeding good method, presumptuous please you."Su small tiger have no with Yang Qiu go to Guangxi, have been being declaring the Wei directs campaign and receive the letter of Cai E Mi after all through the night and front thank Ru to hope to reach agreement, the parties teaches the regiment and Xie Bu Hui how to aid, oneself then takes main force at behind close on the heels of, unexpectedly arrive Kunming still night one step.
Yang Qiu faces before going once take care of must ensure Cai E's well, so immediately make the soldier please Cai E's two madams and mother first to go out, anxious way:"Mr. Qu checks first."
Matter to important song Huan the Harold Ramirez Youth Jersey chapter don't dare and delay as well and see a shoulder condition of the injury vital part not, know and bother in the belly, wait military surgeon to uncover after the gauze he is also got a fright, sees belly flesh and blood one misty, lightly press still have a blood, and the blood Jia has some and delivers black, on seeing is a bullet and break through internal organs, changed to do the common run of people this bottom will life, luckily Cai E is a soldier and is from body character better, and the military surgeon also did an initial processing in time.
This condition of the injury processing risk is too strong, Cai E again is a province all Du, song Huan chapter also the strain thousand times twisted a head to just want to talk, Su small tiger a put a hand way:"Though the Sir saves to cure, the whole result Su is some from will undertake.I say a , Cai Du Shen fastens peace or chaos in Yunnan, the Sir must make an effort!"Finish saying behind J.A. Happ Youth Jersey to not disturb to save to cure, he came out room on his own initiative, the song Huan chapter sees a form hurriedly from the first-aid kit in take out to self-madely stop bleeding a medicine.
Inside the living room of from strike bell tick-tock not unique, time the penny is an in the past, Su small tiger and the military officers all quietly waited for a result and gradually heated up along with the morning sun, many Dian non-commissioned officer soldiers inside the field of down stairs school started swarming about, the national defense soldier officers and men was also a bit nervous, the sky knows if Cai E died they will can't blame on a third party himself/herself and cause the
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