because of Chiu text Bin underneath

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because of Chiu text Bin underneath

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lectively executed after the Yao by Tang.
This war tells people of this world, if canning not also carry out is real unified, so once experienced a fanatical revolution wave along with those tide, greed larger new generation young warlords control big Aaron Hicks Youth Jersey power gradually, civil war whirlpool will very probably more and more big, also more and more ruthlessness.This war is also telling owner at the same time, that be along with Guangxi drive the national defense Arms Control system after, Yunnan has already become a southwest isolated island, an unified big southwest has been already jumped however at
When arms and supplies outside more than 1,000 kilometers positive Han, young Xue Mu Hua(book friend guest actor)'s sitting on the Kou Di Si Jing soon in machine doesn't stop to outwardly look about.
His father is a Zhang state person of Fukien, the financial situation substantial grandpa makes the father study abroad in France and knew a bitterness bitterness flounder to beg a rare mother in the Marseilles, Aaron Judge Youth Jersey a beautiful Hungary girl, 2 people get married after far Du Atlantic and had himself/herself in Ohio.
The accidental opportunity makes him learn to fly, and quickly be addicted to last freely fly of felling, even last year idea soil outbreak of war, the Ao Si Man empire publicly on the newspaper after calling up to volunteer an airplane pilot, he still wanted to register in the past.He not the allegiance of the Ao Si Man empire hug to sprain, wants to acquire once demand money not and can fly for a long time of opportunity.
Didn't can embark on a journey because of various reason afterwards, proper his upset of time, very famous in American Chinese people's turn of to the court suddenly come to seek him and say that also the Adam Warren Youth Jersey domestic beginning set set up to fly a brigade and need an experienced airplane pilot.He was still half believe and half doubt at that time, until the somebody else pulled he chose an airplane together and also took him to see another airplane pilot and several machinists, and at a stretch bought 15 Kou with expensive price Di Sis Jing soon after the machine, he resolutely paid a farewell called parents to step on and return to country road.
He came back, and saw than his younger national defense soldier commander Yang Qiu, still have to arrive to be good enough to let the United States goes together envy of flight work.Be to reach to the sky Alex Rodriguez Youth Jersey before half year, magnificent and incomparable sorcery Xia Qian in the sky is from the plane wing after bottom brushed past, he arrived the southwest aviation school of being located in outskirts in Chongqing, and formally was given the number that the national defense soldier flies a brigade.
The wishes that don't need money and then can freely fly finally carried out, but very quickly and depressed, because half year come in addition to occasionally surveying geography for railroad companies, fly a brigade the training was a training, besides which, , airplane pilot's pouring is many 20 several people, take to let army jealous wages monthly, do nothing make everyone very depressed.
The some times seeks such as, but that guy now not God, take ten several machine experts and more than ten Ao Xiongs empire mechanical engineer over have half retired life, say to break motor restriction within three years, develop a style of super airplane that can match in excellence Europe.The super airp
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