Even if is that the crest broke a sky

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Even if is that the crest broke a sky

Postby jlsalh21 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:50 pm

ia grew to breed of, compared with Mongolia Ma Gao not only head of, even fancy.
Stand by him is Cory Gearrin Youth Jersey three He He in the town well-known sting head Peng life Xin, because that opens widely mouth not to know to give offense to how much person, connect Cao Kun to see he has a headache, it happened that he fight battle to is very valiant, so the everyone sends him the nickname"sting son Peng".And not kind speech but heart Gao Qi Ao, Wu Pei Fu even despising brothers troopses also call three towns two greatly roll knife meat.Rolled knife meat to run into to roll knife meat to become a bosom friend, the Cao Kun knew behind simply chase 2 people all lane go to 11 mark, 1 marks generally, a be pair mark all.
"Son jade, Dan Slania Youth Jersey do you say this time three fools and segment Zhi spring to make what ghost?Can't really think that we beat, the master son starts out to fight to the death Yang Qiu to make him return to teacher to give up Guangxi for the meeting whole army?"The Peng life Xin mouth up don't accumulate virtuous, the whole three towns also only he dares to call Cao Kun three fools, even admire Dave Dravecky Youth Jersey Wu Pei Fu, shake:"How may!Yang Qiu's this time deployment is careful and attentive, use seven trips a while, unless the instant of Cai Song Po goes into laurel, otherwise Tang can hold up for three days after the Yao even if burn Gao Xiang!In three days we also take not next Wu Sheng Guan, put together what drag along him?"
"That why do they still need to let us?Did you still answer this task?"
Wu Pei Fu lets Deion Sanders Youth Jersey go of sleeves and hopes the south Xiang sun direction, tip of brow a pick vision brightly:"Why to come?Are you still not clear?Master son's hasing a little control didn't live general situation!As for I have no it, be come to tell Yang Qiu, Wang Zhan Yuan doesn't represent north ocean!Don't also think to have Wu Sheng Guan ten thousand matter great lucks!"
At this moment, regardless eager for action northern side, still keep devoting one's minding the southern side of election, all have already canned not impede the decision that the national defense soldier takes down Guangxi.
Under the cope of night of city one in Guilin dead Ji, have no light to have no hullabaloo, imitate a Buddha one lost organic of ancient city.The woman, who only often spreads, cries to shout and screams and tell other people the many people have already been placed in a crary edge in this blackness.
The city west originally cruises to defend soldier Ya inside the door charcoal red, a few soup juice in the cauldron are vacillating, the dog meat floats joss-stick, several hundred bandit the soldier round to together eat not as well happy, a few small head of groups still hug an almost naked woman to without restraint adjust a lane, flank dark in can also ambiguously hear a bulky pant voice and be shut up by the Wu to expect behind send out in nasal cavity of moan.
To this Chen the Hao Hui is burning with anger, but also know that there are many scouts that is Tang to arrange after the Yao in these soldiers, so again is difficult to bear with have to also set up for to take no cognizance at the moment, even for the sake of completion task still intentionally and small head of groups joke several, then just drill room once.Equally burn to have chafing dish inside the room, square several Jui-ho together come of the colleague after seeing him immediately start, two among those people fly to soon sew through window and door, surv
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