adopting of Zhai son inside does business

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adopting of Zhai son inside does business

Postby jlsalh21 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:23 pm

, make track for toward Li wave and Rong river's two direction parallelism shot and tell troops.Need not make track for too urgently, the attention keeps physical strength to ensure that the troops safety gets into Ryan Borucki Youth Jersey Guangxi!Three teacher one trip, two trip, the seventh infantry trip gives up an original holder duty and right away exercises to Anne's east of boundary Hunan, Guangxi one side.Send telegram again to one teacher three trip, the Xiang pond doesn't want to stop over and immediately organize a boats and ships to walk Xiang the river turn Xiao water and gather to remain on standby at river China!Eighth mountainous country trip, citizen's guard's brigade 6, 7, 11 regiments do to always prepare a brigade!"
"Tell all three war Ryan Goins Youth Jersey officers and mens!The southwest was to isn't ours and then see this fighting!"
The north has already gone into an autumn, can Guangxi still keep being scorching sun overhead.The west of Guilin melts Anne city wife the bearer go toward, today is the day that melts Anne to open Xu, and the common people of four insides eight countries all flow out to county city to go to periodical market.Do nothing of cruise city the soldier is also lazy a collect tax, simply at city gate the wood box that put a Na Li, then hide a cool place to let common people's oneself to pay a Li gold toward the inside hurl money.
Although three Lis in Ryan Tepera Youth Jersey the province in Hubei change a tax storm shocked whole country, each province superficially also all abolish Qing Dynasty leave of some miscellaneous taxes, can below the sun receive Yin to disobey still a lot ofly, besides is still this kind of unattractive southwest backland small county city, so a lot of common people even still don't know the Li gold abolished, for doing not ask for bother to aware of self the ground pays according to the rules in past, just along while effort box inside accumulated many copper money.
Six glory courts have no too big achievements on politics and the reform, in addition to repair road and dredge course of river he doesn't know to do as well what good, it is the best way to under these circumstances guard achievement, so he is simply to adopt to have no for but the way for curing, rescind some ex- pure corrupt practices after take office is developed by social oneself.The Steve Pearce Youth Jersey irregularity of free development was this kind of Li gold to pump water system to reserve down, although the amount is little a lot of, the common people still bear not small.One the squad Ji Ji Wa the Wa wear the foreigner of preaching not to know to whence drill out, resources in Guangxi is abundant, close to southeast peninsula again, G son the foreigner piled in to start a lot of mines here after the year, so the common people also becomes accustomed to Wa in these Jis say the guy of different language.
Foreigner certainly need not pay a tax, so defend city of cruise city the soldier don't even see selfish must stretch and yawn to gape, anxiously hoping Xu City can end earlier and return to beautiful United States to sleep ascend a feel.
Cruise city to these soldier come to say, the day like this is monotonous, dull but comfortable.After weighing nine the southwest greatly changes, want to fight connect sky, it is said that die more than 16,000 armed forces and people o
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