factory of their man head the top still sent

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factory of their man head the top still sent

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lt to be a big president, this president system can let you without many fetterses."
"What big president, Jose Bautista Youth Jersey also doing can not count, doing can not count."The Yuan a life time Kai Mi rises eyes to repeatedly put a hand, can corner of mouth that puts on to smile an idea but blocks to also can not hold up against.
His whole life what all good, this the age is more old to on the contrary and more love affected, know at Yang Shi Qi so much he current idea, the mountain endures to suppress till now so long want on the whole successful in career, also be happy for him.Wang Yi Tang while being just wanting to speak a few lines again suddenly and suddenly lifted a door to walk to come in and carelessly opened the Josh Donaldson Youth Jersey door screen big and made the north wind start to bind snowflake to spread to come in, let the Yuan a life time Kai body that the Cu cannot compares with to defend ascend a cool, for a while the facial expression is cold to come down, ask a way:"Carefully I, when panic nervous piece?"
Wang Yi Tang didn't notice the air of the Kai of Yuan a life time, although he is from recognize is a confident, can at Japan and northeast several years, not equal to these people of Yang Shi Qi understand his idea, consumedly say:"The temple protects, the soup feels coming and wanting to see you."
Yang Shi Qi sees his openings' Juan Graterol Youth Jersey shutting up still is calling that the temple protects, the in the mind is cold to hum one dark scold him to have no rules.He doesn't like this person, after outside searching to pare off an innumerable not to say to still infect by desire for tobacco for several years, and returning to Peking still always the battle wear Yuan a life time the Kai spoil letter not to divide high and low.The Yuan a life time Kai is also wrinkly to knit the brows, but now is to use person's moment, so hastily intrude into to him to also see if didn't see, asked a way:"Does the soup feel?Does that soup feel?"
The explanation way of Yang Shi Qi:"Did the adult forget?A few days ago the beam Qi is super not is it the letter that recommended one person for you?"
Yuan a life time once the Kai clap the forehead of light light and say with smile:"Be getting older, the power of memory differed.Is a beam Qi Be super to recommend, declare that its person has liver and gall Justin Smoak Youth Jersey but is reached to a matter to manage, cure a matter it just lead his decuple, particularly cure economy, clear body but reach to use, bank the currency is particularly specialized, is Gao of the whole country perhaps little right to it just?Not is say that then can the next month arrive?How to suddenly come in advance?"
Yang Shi Qi feels to the soup and blows and conquers the world in the letter to the super beam Qi matchless very despise, but he isn't that kind of what the matters all put at the person on the face and want a way:"The vulgar job feels to relate to Guizhou!"
Wang Yi Tang also says:"Former Cai E of day just delivered a whole country switch on electricity say sent a Dian soldier went into Qian, Yang Qiu sign Ma Shuo national defense soldier also was going to suppress bandits, 2 switched on electricity a front one empress only was separated a hour, so Guizhou is affirmation wanted open beat, this soup feels suddenly in advance return to country, may for the sake of this matter."
The affair Yuan a life time Kai of recent southwest is to don't know, but the root is in no mind to ask.Stand on his position he still earnestly wishes Cai Song Po and Yang Qiu chokes in dead in Guizhou, the mountain Gao Lin Mi, bandit is numero
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