as it heads into AFC North play

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as it heads into AFC North play

Postby jlsalh21 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:20 pm

w to teach a camp of battalion commander.He is still clear to remember that Yang Qiu once says, the guidance camp should be point of a knife and go to the hardest place, chew the most difficult chew of task, do the honest soldier.So take a post, have been hanging these 4 by the side of the mouth, his biggest regret is to miss the war of small Cang mountain and missed to round the heroic act of north ocean a town of Jian.
Is similar to him, Satchel Paige Youth Jersey each one from nearby once ran of guidance camp the soldier also all record these 4 at in the mind, everybody equips tidy, although run pant noisily, can eyes in but was full of the desire of begging the war, hating can not immediately put wings to fly to city in Guiyang, giving those the rebellious troops is some precept.
"The clear Zhao(Liu Zi without, everyone understands of) takes guide to come over."Iron livings of shout in, about 20 years old, wear to fix attention on a cultured text of mirror Si of guidance camp corporal the Shawn Armstrong Youth Jersey clear Zhao and two clothes messy autonomies learned an agency guide to run to come over and hadn't waited to ask words him to salute a way:"Report battalion commander, the guide says that the front is Zhu Chang Gu's city, led to be apart from city in Guiyang here not far, make everyone prepare?"
"Boy, pretty clever, know what I want to ask."Iron livings the head of clapping the clear Zhao, he like this Chengdu very much behind just because express to join to keep young man in Sichuan of belonging to the camp so much, say:"The Nu is diligent!Listen to teacher say, the commander wants to choose a sergeant to go to from each teacher the German army school studied abroad right away, if you Shawn Morimando Youth Jerseycan go out, Lao Tze's talking can ring 1:00."
The clear Zhao excited location nods and dies a top-grade strong soldier nation of boundary and studies abroad, that is much honor!Connect a flank from break out of in Guiyang, midway run into of the autonomy learn agency guides all eyes are very clear, hating can not replace this boy.
Iron livings to twist a head to ask a guide:"Does Zhu Chang Gu's city have a garrison forces?Does the situation of Guiyang know?"
The guide is once returned absolute being to shake:"Before there is a mark, don't know now."
"Deny all knowledge of Tommy Hunter Youth Jersey event, really don't know how you are managed!"Iron livings some animations, these two dogs of funeral house incredibly even a little of great value thing can not provide, either, the rebellious troops has how much, station position, the material doesn't know anything, early know to still rather seek two mountain doors like this to lead the way.The guide is also that the facial expression is tiny and red, they is run away from disaster, meet to teach the camp how to know that the somebody else is a national defense soldier to help them, just summon up courage to lead the way, how can anyone know way now what deploy.
Iron livings from the Dou in take out ten pieces of now ocean, because the banknotes of southwest bank temporarily promotes just in three provinces, a lot of places still need ocean to beat a point, so is each back to serve as to work troopses willing deliver some oceanses to provide for use for military officer and pass to say for them now:"These are two hard fees, front I the estimate will beat, you."
Although two guides have never helped top what favour, the independence character is still certain, a push away dollar red eyes say:"What person is iron battalion commander us?!That grandson Gui of Liu Xian Shi didn't know to kill us how much brothers!Th
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