well is which unscrupulous goods

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well is which unscrupulous goods

Postby jlsalh21 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:45 pm

nd, but Kunming could not feel one silk cold idea, Dian pond lake front green tree new flutters living Zi, come to more wintry Lu bird Ji Ji Zha Zha noise not feel, let Tang after the Yao listen to fidgety, recruit Ken Boyer Youth Jersey just think from the guard hand in took a rifle beat 2 drive out, but be obstructed by Cai E, say with Geng(Tang is after the Yao word) today how?Also disappearing you at ordinary times is thus anxious."
Huang Yu Ying's initiative says with smile:"I saw is the Geng mouth Chan and wanted to make a few games taste."
Flank Liu Cun Hou knows his idea and says:"All Du, be not I say you, don't go into Sichuan also why not go into Guizhou just?There have already gone it blind one regiment now, even the elder brother is old will all Kevin Siegrist Youth Jersey divide inheritance Dou to come to Dou to have no eliminate to stop, which have some revolution appearance."
See the affair that Tang all start saying Guizhou after the Yao and Liu Cun Hous, Huang Yu Ying chooses to shut ascend mouth, although after weighing nine someone recommend him to do all Du, in fact he clear, want to sit steady Yunnan all Du Cai E not can not, reason be because these 2 people, his town doesn't live!So willingly be have Dian soldier staff officer.Tang after Yao now naturally Kolten Wong Youth Jersey see not and up he, take advantage of an opportunity to say:"Go while making so yes, sooner or later will disaster and our Yunnan come, according to me see still early make to take precautions against just go."
Cai E Bao contains a seeing of deep idea the eye is 2 people, answer the way asked not:"Now Nanking how there?"
See Cai E and don't connect words, Tang after there is some vexations in the Yao, but Yunnan wasn't oneself to say to calculate now, Cai Song Po's fame was loud and clear even the key figures inside the party have to rely on him steady live a southwest, can chase the quick temper whole Sases on Nanking government and hate a way:"Not just that appearance!For drawing together Yang Qiu, seat not only promise his three provinceses to inspect to make, incredibly head righteousness all of big hero, Sun Wu, and Zhang Zhen Wus shot to death!Being really a head is sick, wasn't cold so Lance Lynn Youth Jersey everyone's heart?!Still force soup to turn dragon and his younger brother soup Xiang the Ming walk as far as overseas, the white white sent the navy of Shanghai to him.This still doesn't calculate, and then adjust Li bodhisattva into Nanking!He gets hold of Hubei now but still dissatisfaction, and then make a Li to change tax and free education to halter Hunan and popular support in Sichuan, also descended ultimatum, tomorrow since will start annihilating three provinces, now Hunan and private Shen in Sichuan all afraid if is surprised, all hope that someone can stand out to talk.
Can Nanking one heart fawn on Yang Qiu to fight for pulling his Northern Expedition and how can say him.But themselves slowly could not take a Northern Expedition plan,continuously send telegram to want each province to pay revenue from tax to provide for military payroll.Because Xu Zhou Yi's war lacks arms, military payroll shortage drive north the ocean beat connect back several hundred inside, lose more than 5,000 persons, connect Lin Shu celebrate to all annoy of return to old house offer illness as excuse.The northern side Yuan a life time Kai carries pure self-respect, have never got hold of a big president seat before can't take care of three to save, either of affair.The northeast blue sky Wei is also a discard!Be apart from Peking however is several 100 insides, connect north ocean o
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