need with Germany be doing

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need with Germany be doing

Postby jlsalh21 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:07 pm

Yang Qiu and Zhang Xiao Zhun also walked to go into Germany legation in Shanghai under the leading of attendant while attending to Wei Jun to go to a telegram station in quick time.Bavaria style's receiving guest be full of German lingering charm inside the hall, if say if the Lao boon has been enough inflexible especially, so this Germany's halting minister root in Shanghai is noodles and has Jorge Mateo Youth Jersey no facial expression, one face bushy beard is anti- and pours and makes him some and is like famous German navy's father and lifts Er skin of Ci.
Er Buddha the thunder is virtuous-Ping-ke Lao of name explain that he is the nobility that the virtuous emperor sets up formally, if say in addition to beard still have what most let words of deep people's impression, probably is eyes of that brown, also this eyes finally saw the value of the diagram paper that Shen Shu Kai bring for the first time, let Yang Qiu earned a pail of gold.
Especially the Lao boon saw more two eye Zhang Xiao Zhun exchange greeting severals again behind, after waiting India attendant to carry to coffee, Yang Qiu smiles to carry to have cup:"Probably should change Jorge Posada Youth Jersey into a Bavaria black beer just more suitable now."
This year beer still hardly sees in China, if ever also all produce from the United States, so Yang Qiu's this sentence drew near several people's distance a while, gram Lao also a bit surprised, according to his intelligence report this young man have no in career in studying abroad of Germany, how can know the black beer of Bavaria?However he also has no too surprised, after all he nearby has many persons who once stayed to learn in Germany now and says with smile:"Commander you must be a person who loves wine."
"Not, I don't really drink, but I respect and admire William's five a life time archdukes, because he made those blamed black heart businessmen finally don't dare to go toward again to blend damned brown sugar in wine."
William five a life time Kyle Higashioka Youth Jersey archdukes the bottom reached a famous pure degree to make and went to this Bavarian beer in 1516 in addition to the water, beer spends had no other additiveses with barley any further, it made beer quality and taste like a lot of, established the reputation of Bavaria wine.This matter's probably loving the person of wine in Europe can speak, but the far east has to say that this young man is really remarkable.So gram Lao also change countenance a smile way for the very first time:"Commander you lets my surprise, the pure degree makes to make us taste a real Lou Gehrig Youth Jersey wine and also lets Germany own the most important prestige."
Zhang Xiao Zhun beside listens to secretly greatly wear, Yang Qiu's understand to Germany has already made him surprised, gram Lao can quickly twist toward German prestige from the wine, not the Kui is a senior diplomat.
"Prestige and careful conceive the best merchandise, so I am again drawn on."
Especially the Lao boon hears that he comes to buy, also thinks and lifts the hydraulic press affair of that day and beats first and prevent°froms a needle way:"You of the commander, if you want to buy hydraulic press, I think this matter that we are also helpless."
Have already given up hope to super large hydraulic press Yang Qiu, put a hand:"I don't need so big hydraulic press, don't need currently at least, I can have no money to construct super battleship.But our country the fleet face aging and the embarrassing situation of model number one, so I want to buy a few U type submarines of your countries and bear to press a steel technique."
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