An Exclusive Interview with concept artist Paul Gerrard

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An Exclusive Interview with concept artist Paul Gerrard

Postby kaustavsinha » Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:17 pm

Following is an exclusive interview of the world-renowned Hollywood concept artist, Paul Gerrard; he worked in films such as "Battle Los Angeles" & "Wrath of the Titans"! This interview was conducted by myself, on behalf of my celebrity interview website "WithStars" ( I hope, you will enjoy reading it!


1. Tell us something about yourself.

I was born near Liverpool, UK, in 1975. Whilst growing up art was very limited, particularly in further education. Back then, I had the same drive to create otherworldly creatures and machines, but there was no school or college course to explore that, to mature that side of ones imagination. So it became an inward appetite. Painting and drawing in my spare time, keeping it separate right through to my working career and the 9-5 job. My body may well of been sat amongst the wage slave cell but my mind was always tinkering with the fantastical beast. Eventually the beast took over and now I work full time as an artist and world imaginer.

2. Tell us something about the films for which you created concept art.

I tend to enjoy the concept of visual fusion and the challenge of reinvention. The movies I am drawn to usually encapsulate some of those elements. “Battle Los angels” was about designing an Alien force, soldiers / ships / weapons that fuse together organic tissue and machine for functional purposes. It was also about re-visioning the alien genre and creating something completely new. The same for TMNT, creating a completely new take on things.

3. Can you please share with us the process you follow while creating a concept art.

It always comes down to research. The illustrated image is but a mere fragment of the whole process. I believe in the power of the subconscious. You fill you mind with a mass of research on a given subject. You view as much imagery as you can then you simply open your mind to what comes. Very little sketching, simply START.

4. I guess, when you start-out with a concept sketch, every-time you might not come with an idea/concept instantly; when it does not come through easily, what do you do in order to solve the situation, or is it that, you never had to face this problem?

I never know exactly what an image will become, so when starting I don’t worry too much that it may not be working early on. At some point it will 'click', it always does. Frustrating if that’s 1 hour before the deadline, but sometimes is the case. Bottom line, don’t worry too much. If it doesn’t work, then start again/change it . This is a digital age and as such, changing it is much easier than it used to be then with acrylics and oils.

5. What is your favourite CG software for creating concept art.

Photoshop remains the only software I use. It has everything I need and you can work as simple or complex as you like.

6. I've come across your webpage on Facebook, which is dedicated to the newest Hellraiser film, "Hellraiser : Origins"; Hellraiser is one of my most favourite horror franchise, and it is very inspiring that you are pitching this new film. Can you share with our readers, what inspired you to select this franchise and how is the
journey so far?

My absolute love for the franchise. My admiration for the work of Clive Barker. A love for all thing dark and twisted. This is not a film but simply a pitch to create one from a few dedicated individuals. It’s been almost a year now of creating artwork, researching, shooting scenes, creating VFX. It’s been an arduous journey, but I have enjoyed it all. We are close to completion, it not a movie then it will surely evolve into something meritorious.

7. Which is your favorite film and why?

I would have to say either the original Robocop or perhaps Videodrome. Robocop was such a marvel of design, just beautiful in its violence and aesthetics. Videodrome, a stunning exploration of the visceral and depraved consciousness.

8. If suppose you were not a concept artist, which profession would you have chosen?

I always thought book cover artist or puppeteer.

9. Ten years from now, where would Paul Gerrard be at?

Hopefully still working on movies. Producing as well as illustrating. I want to be more hands on with the movies I work on. Perhaps even production design /art direction or direct at some point.

10. For all the Paul Gerrard and concept artist wannabes, what suggestions/opinions you have for them?

Never stop researching, writing down ideas , illustrating. Nothing will happen overnight, so be prepared for the long haul, adapt your life for it, if it means that much to you then make it happen.

IMDb Filmography of Paul Gerrard :

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Interviewer : Kaustav Sinha
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