An Exclusive Interview with the LOTR actor Jed Brophy

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An Exclusive Interview with the LOTR actor Jed Brophy

Postby kaustavsinha » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:25 am

Following is an exclusive interview of the world-renowned Hollywood actor, Jed Brophy; he acted in films such as "The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King", "The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey" and many more...! This interview was conducted by myself, on behalf of my celebrity interview website "With Stars" ( I hope, you will enjoy reading it!


1. Tell us something about yourself.

I was born in Taihape, which is a very small town in the Central north Island of New Zealand. My father was a farmer. We grew up on 2,500 acres of rolling to steep hill country. We farmed sheep and cattle and bred horses as well. I was born in 1963. I Went to Otago University in 1983 to pursue a Career as A Physical Educator but was sidetracked into The New Zealand Drama school where I graduated in 1987. It was seeing a local production of a play called Wednesday to come that I decided Acting and telling stories was the life for me.

2. Tell us about the films in which you acted.

I have had a very diverse Career and have been lucky enough to Be cast in (at last Count) roughly 25 feature films, the highlights being Peter Jacksons “Brain-dead”, “Heavenly Creatures”, The “LOTR” trilogy “Tin Tin” and most recently The Hobbit. Other notable films are” Once on Chunick Bair”, “Married” and “Return To Treasure Island”.

3. You collaborated with Sir Peter Jackson in several films; share us your experience you had with such an eminent personality.

I have been very fortunate over the years to be a part of Peter and Fran’s Family of filmmakers who along with Phillipa Boyens are really the lifeblood of the wellington film Industry. Their collaboration with Weta and Weta digital have bought a whole new level of film production to New Zealand. I have always been proud of the level of Production of our local films, but these fine film folk have created an Environment, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Working with Peter is working with a true Visionary, and on top of that he is a very warm and accessible human being with an enviable ability to marry technology with great scripts. He never gets angry and always expects his cast to contribute Ideas to his projects. He is in short the only person I would do absolutely anything for no matter how big or small.

4. You played the challenging character of the Orc in the Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King and Sharku/Snaga in The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers; please share us the experience you had while being in the shoes of such deep costumes and make-up. How difficult and grueling was it really?

Working on Those films was a hugely challenging experience. I had done a lot of prosthetics work Prior to embarking on playing Snaga and Sharku as well as the raft of other evil characters on the LOTR trilogy but nothing could prepare me for &hour makeups and long shooting days. And then to create a performance was a real challenge. Luckily we had an amazing team of Makeup artists and onset minders who made the process bearable. Peter wanted these characters to be visceral and aggressive as well as visually exciting to look at and we as actors were given as much help as possible. We had dialect training and sword training and movement coaches, but really I made the decisions myself as to how I played the characters and differentiated them from each other. Because of my many years working with Peter, we have a level of trust, which most people don’t It was a very grueling shoot, but one I would happily do all over.

5. Tell us something about your character of “Nori” in the Hobbit prequel.

Nori who I play in the Hobbit is a dwarf from the line of Durin, he is a bit of a thief and slightly untrustworthy but very loyal to both his family and the dwarves in General. Not a lot is known about him from the books so there was quite a lot of room to create the character. He has an elaborate hairstyle, as you will see in the film. He is very hardy and handy in a fight.

6. What will Jed Brophy be doing in 10 years from now?

Jed brophy 10 years from now will I hope still be plying his trade in films both here in NZ and abroad. But you never know what the future brings, and I have always just played things by ear, so who really knows.

7. What suggestions do you’ve for your fans, who would like to become a successful actor like you.

To become an actor whether successful or not requires dedication to learn something about your craft every single day. The moment you think you know everything about your job is the moment you become stale and typecast. I am always seeking out wisdom from more experienced practitioners and I learn a lot by watching films with people whose work I admire in them. I was privileged to work with some of the very best Actors on the planet in these last two years, and by relaxing and reacting in a real way with them on set I think I became a better actor. Only the many critics can tell I guess. The other main Ingredient is for acting to be your passion not just your job. If it doesn’t drive you then do something that does.

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